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Leaded Lights

What are leaded lights?

Leaded lights are window panes made using individual sections of glass, joined together using milled lead cames, then soldered to form a window and cemented to make watertight. The leaded windows are then fitted to wooden, metal, stone work frames or encapsulated inside clear double glazed units to preserve for prosperity.
These individual panes of glass may be coloured, clear or textured.

Traditional Leaded Lights

Traditional leaded lights can be found in many places and are typical of a particular period of time. Block leaded lights, as can be seen in many of Chester’s older buildings, may have rectangular or diamond shaped panes.

Strip lead stuck onto a large sheets of glass is the modern copy, but does not give the multi-faceted light reflecting effect which helps to indicate authenticity and can enhance the overall aesthetics of a period building.

Bespoke Leaded Lights

Bespoke leaded lights can be made to designs inspired by the customers own interests, or can be adapted to customers buildings using inspiration taken from leaded lights seen elsewhere. Bespoke leaded lights may be used inside a building to provide screening or a point of interest, or on external windows, providing privacy as well as a beautiful focal point. They can be placed in cupboard doors, or used to screen shelving, and are then particularly effective when lit from the inside.

Leaded Light Restoration

Restoration of leaded lights is often a legal requirement when restoring a listed building, but may also enhance buildings where uPVC double glazed windows would look out of place. Over time, leaded lights may become broken, bowed, and loose their waterproof qualities.

Craftsmen at K.G. Bell Ltd. have many years of experience in removing, dismantling, matching and replacing broken glass panes, then re-assembling leaded lights, ensuring a watertight, authentic repair and restoration. Smaller repairs, not requiring complete dismantling of the leaded light, may be possible leaving the leaded light in-situ.

We have a large stock of approximately 130 different colours and patterns of glass, including older patterns no longer produced, allowing us to match replacement panes to the original broken glass.

See examples of in-situ leaded light repairs and stained glass window repairs in our ON SITE REPAIRS gallery.